SMIL-Signboard 15


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SMIL-Signboard 15

The SMIL-Signboard 15 is a l5.6˝ Widescreen, all-in-one Digital Signage display with dedicated digital signage features. The device is designed primarily for use with a management server.


  • 15,6˝ LCD for HD images and DVD-quality video
  • VESA mountable integrated signage unit
  • Works with your management solution

Suitable for

  • In-store promotion
  • Interior décor integration
  • Museum displays
  • Library information system

15,6˝ LCD for HD images and DVD-quality video

The SMIL-Signboard 15 features a 300-nits, 15.6 inch wide aspect ratio high-definition LCD panel for displaying high resolution images. Posters and information screen content appear razor-sharp with 720p high-definition (still equivalent) resolution. The built-in hardware-based Digital Signage video decoder is also capable of playing smooth DVD-quality MPEG-4 ASP videos up to 30 frames per second, enhancing the screen's flexibility in signage use.

VESA mountable integrated signage unit

The SMIL-Signboard 15 integrates essential signage hardware and features in a VESA-mountable display unit. The compact unit integrates the Digital Signage media player, high brightness display, expandable local storage, and built-in Ethernet for easy placement. A watchdog timer lets the display recover and resume playback from power, network, or other disruptions. The custom enclosure provides reliable passive cooling and features screw-lock connectors to prevent loose cables. Covered SD card slot lets you expand beyond the 2GBs of built-in solid-state local storage while preventing removal of card. In addition to a built-in Ethernet port, the SMIL-Signboard 15 features built-in wireless b/g/n (2.4GHz only) networking to maximize installation options.

SMIL open API for interoperability

SMIL-Player's industry leading W3C SMIL support paves the way for interoperable systems and efficient application development across a growing family of standards-compliant Digital Signage signboards and media player hardware.

Technical Specifications

Screen Media Standards Support

  • Image: JPEG baseline profile, up to 12 megapixels (1280x720 optimum)
  • Audio: MPEG L2 or MP3, up to 320Kbps
  • Video:MPEG-1 or MPEG-4 ASP, 2 Mbps (720x400 optimum)
  • NOTE: MPEG 2 video is NOT supported

Digital Signage Features

  • Auto-Play starts playing scheduled contents automatically when power is re~established
  • Automafic error recovery with built-in WDT
  • Real-time clock battery keeps time
    for up to 2 years unplugged
  • Automatic NTP keeps time and date
    in sync

Playback Control

  • W3C SMIL 3.0 instructions (sub-set)
  • Real-time clock playlist events
  • Network playlist sync
  • USB direct sync

Content Management

  • Manager Express startet utility
  • Compatible with 3rd party management software (optional)

Display and Sound

  • 15,6˝ 16:9 TFT LCD panel
  • 300 nits maximum brightness
  • 1366 x 768 panel resolution
  • Built-in stereo Speakers 2W x 2

Local Storage

  • Intemal 2GB local storage (approx. 120 minutes of maximum quality video @2Mbps or thousands of still images)
  • Memory card slot: Secure Digital (SD/SDHC)
  • Card capacity: Tested up to 8GB (SDHC)

Network Connectivity and I/O Ports

  • Ethernet: RJ45 Port
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • USB storage host (Type A)
  • 3.5mm stereo audio out jack


  • Hardware guide
  • AC power adapter
  • Adjustable display support rod
  • LAN cable
  • (Optional) VESA MIS-D75 display stand

Power supply

  • Rating: 12V / 4A
  • UL/PSB (Japan) certified


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40°C
  • Humidity: 5 to 85% @ 40°C, non-condensing


  • 382 x 253 x 71 mm


  • 2.72 Kg / 6.0 pounds




  • 1-year limited parts & labor