About SMIL-Player Europe and our partners

SMIL-Player is dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art commercial digital signage players and integrated displays.

What sets SMIL-Players products apart is the XML-based W3C SMIL standard that allows system integrators to make fast, tailor-made adjustments in line with individual project requirements.

SMIL-Players device technologies are used in many large-scale digital signage projects and offer tried and tested robustness as well as a low total cost of ownership (TCI). Market leaders such as Scala, Mitsubishi and Viewsonic work in close cooperation with SMIL-Player their partners to produce end-to-end solutions.

With branches in America, Canada, Asia and Europe SMIL-Player provides seamless service around the globe.

The European partners for the www.smil-player.com portal include f.e. Scala, SDI, komma,tec redaction, Stinova, Dimedis, NEL, Seenmedia, DOOH, MUSE, Adversign Media, DS-CCC. Our hardware distribution partner for Europe is itworx-pro GmbH, the market leader for digital signage hardware.

More than 2000 installations rely on the itworx-pro VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP+ transfer devices and SMIL players, with some of the networks boasting more than 1000 screens. itworx-pro GmbH has branches in Hamburg, Munich and Barcelona, and supports many customers around Europe.

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